Welcome, Japan!

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This June set a record for a month’s views on this blog, 7,700 and change–wow! This was due in no small part to a sudden, and completely unexpected, surge in views from Japan: like, about six years’ worth in one month.

It makes me very curious. I haven’t got a theory, haven’t got a clue. I’d love to hear from some of you readers in Japan. What brought you to my blog? Are you going to stay? I hope you do.

This has never happened here with any other country, and my brain is going around in circles, trying to figure it out.

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  1. Interesting. Are the statistics just from this website, or do they combine with whatever other social media (like Facebook) your blog appears on? I have no idea how any of this works. Congratulations! 🙂

    1. Well, whatever it is, I do hope they stay, comment and read your wonderful Bell Mountain Series.

  2. Amen, I agree with the other comments. I have been reading about new
    believers in several other countries.

    1. I plan to retire in luxury from the proceeds of inflating your blog numbers. 🙂

      My educated guesstimate is that it’s real. There are plenty of Asian folk with a deep love for our Creator and they may take a great deal of encouragement from your blog. I’m only part Asian, but i know that all parts of me are encouraged by being here.

  3. I have been living in Japan for all my seventeen years. I don’t think I checked your blog 7,000 times though. I’m surprised that others from Japan are looking at your blog, too.
    By the way, I’m the son of the brother of Kevin Swanson.

    1. I thought you might be related to him. I’ve interviewed Kevin, and he’s interviewed me.

      So far you’re the only viewer in Japan that I’ve heard from. I’m not complaining about getting all these views, but I am mystified.

    2. Mr. Duigon, thank you for giving me permission to translate “Bell Mountain” into Japanese!
      I have a question about Chapter 17: Is Obst’s cabin a log cabin?

    3. Joshua,
      I’ve listened in the past to your father on Sermon Audio. Haven’t for a while though but I appreciate what he does by the way.

  4. Maybe all the pressure Japan has been under by North Korea rockets flying overhead, and President Trump working so closely with Shinzo Abe to stop it has increased Japanese interest in blogs that are pro-Trump.

    1. Wow – I was just able to play it right from the above video! Apparently, it’s of Japanese tourists in Israel singing ‘Jerusalem of Gold’.

    2. According to novelist Eiji Yoshikawa (from whom I learned much), there would have been a very good chance of Japan becoming a Christian country, if only the Spanish Empire had helped the Japanese Christians. Spain remained aloof because they were afraid of the samurai–not knowing that samurai generalship left very much to be desired. Japan was hungry for Christ, but the government managed to suppress it with a very bloody persecution.

    3. Christianity has done very well in some Asian countries. IIRC, South Korea has a substantial Christian population and, despite opposition, there are quite a few Christians in China.

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