Confused Cats & Dogs

I’ve seen a lot of cats (and one lizard, but that doesn’t count because it was in real life) get confused by their own reflections in a mirror; but this is the first time I’ve seen a dog barking at his own shadow. And watch both a rat and a chipmunk find unexpected solutions to being hunted by a cat.

6 comments on “Confused Cats & Dogs

  1. That’s one very, very clever little mouse! Impressive! And the little boxer pup listening to the voice coming out of the phone – his expression was priceless 🙂

    1. They were all just too cute! Even if the day hasn’t been an easy one, these sweet little babies can always make you smile 😊

  2. Whenever my wife pesters me to see what I;m doing I tell her “Curiosity killed the cat.” And she replies, “Yes, but satisfaction brought it back.” That nine lives fable lives on.

    1. I love that! Please thank your wife for me White Rabbit.I will probably be borrowing that from her 😉

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