Animal Hijinks

Somebody in this video wants you to believe he has a pet humpback whale. I’ll believe it when I see his water bill.

In this compilation you will also see how fast a horse can eat a watermelon, how far a donkey can walk on his hind legs when he puts his mind to it, and a very naughty bear. Among others equally amusing.

13 comments on “Animal Hijinks

  1. Except for the person teasing the poor little chipmunk, they were all adorable in some way. First of all, it would never have occurred to me that horses like watermelon, and I’m not sure why that guy was chasing after the polar bear. Doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to do. The dog rescuing the swimmer by pulling her across the pool by the hair – very good idea! Whoever trained that dog – kudos! Another great video. Thanks, Lee 🙂

    BTW, update: my cardiologist stood me up. They called this morning to reschedule me. Seems he called in sick. Who’d-a figured. :\

    1. Especially when he’s the director. Nothing else goes forward without his evaluations and conclusions :\

    2. Thanks for asking, UnKnowable. Tuesday. Which means an exhausting week. Doctors of one sort or another every day but Friday – give them time, though. They’ll figure one out for that day to 🙂 I’m not complaining Our Loving Father has this. I’m certain there was a perfect reason for the cancellation.

  2. The polar bear vignette struck me as a bit risky. There are the most fierce predator in North America. Personally, whenever I met a polar bear, my strategy is to be deferential. 🙂

    The otter and dogs were cute.

    1. It looked to me like the polar bear in the video was still only half-grown. Still, messing around with polar bears is probably not the best path to longevity.

    2. I remember “Mutual of Omaha’s ‘Wild Kingdom’,” in which they tried to find a Komodo dragon in the wild–and when they did, the host freaked out, big-time.

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