Cats & Puppies (Oh, My!)

They don’t always hit it off right away, do they? The puppy wants to play; the cat would prefer to evaluate the situation. It must be fun to watch their interactions develop over time. I mean, they’ve gotta get along better than my two cats do with each other…

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5 responses to “Cats & Puppies (Oh, My!)

  • Linda Sorci, ac

    Some of these cats are a lot bigger than the puppies lol The cat who pushed the puppy’s head down was hilarious! But I sure can’t imagine what would possess someone to put an excited puppy into an area fenced in with an obviously more sedate cat. Adorable


  • UnKnowable

    Many cats seem to act is if dogs were beneath their dignity. Both are playful animals, but cats seem a bit more reserved.

    I once had a cat that would wrestle with a friend’s Pomeranian. They had all,but grown up together and both of them enjoyed it. Then I got a second cat, who would watch in dismay and alert me to the travesty against decency happening right before her eyes. She couldn’t believe that a cat would ever co sent to play with a dog, and expected me to intervene. It was pretty funny.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    One Christmas Eve we kept the neighbor’s gift to their daughter, a kitten. We had to block off in the kitchen because our Pomeranian was going nuts over it – but it all worked out and everyone was happy.


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