Kids Won’t Go Outside?

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Well, they’re so busy playing video games and watching TV, they only venture outdoors an average of seven hours a week–according to a poll of children aged six to sixteen, taken for a British sporting goods firm (

That includes the kids who are only outside because their parents forced them to go: some 40% of parents said they had to make their kids go out or they wouldn’t go out at all.

That’s Britain, but it doesn’t seem much different over here. It’s summertime, the schools are closed, and I ride my bike through quiet residential neighborhoods–and I rarely see children playing outside. Where are they?

Well, if both parents are working to keep the family in cell phones and to pay the taxes on their oversized house which they share with just one or two children, probably they sentence their kid to some kind of “program” to keep him from getting snatched off the sidewalk by a member of some erotic minority. So you can’t go outside and play unless there’s some adult sitting on your shoulder and telling you what to do.

But by now staying indoors all the time is pretty much voluntary.

In the Bible, here’s what’s normal: “And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets thereof” (Zechariah 8:5). Perpetual house arrest for children has only been invented recently, by humanists.

Do we really have to wait for the restoration of all things before the kids can play outside again?

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  1. When we were young (boy, I seem to be saying that a lot lately), we were outside till it got dark and people didn’t much worry about where we were or what we were doing. We were usually somewhere not far, playing kickball or jump rope or hopscotch or hide-‘n-seek or roller skating – things that required some physical exercise and were fun! And imagine – no helmets! The youth of today, unfortunately, don’t know what fun is or how to have any. What a sad reality.

    1. Lucky us, our RC church got to be upgraded to a cathedral and they gave us a bishop.
      This sort of thing is inevitable, with so many churches, of all denominations, compromising God’s word and trying to curry favor with a Godless world.

    2. Indeed. Pretty much every ‘religion’ has scandals. The bigger churches have bigger scandals – whether it’s the actual scandal or the publicity, I’m not sure. But perversion lurks everywhere.

  2. It’s truly unthinkable. When I was a kid, summer was spent outdoors. I would hike in the fields and forests near my parent’s home, spending hours on end outdoors.

    When people ask my advice on getting them into IT, or related fields, I always tell them: “have an exercise program”. I’m not being coy, or anything like that, but I’ve learned that computers and the like can devour you. I’m taking a class this week and there are long, hard days involved, but I’m getting in a bike ride every day, as well.

    We don’t have to be prime athletes; heaven knows I’m not, but we have to get some exercise and fresh air.

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