Kids? What Kids?

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I’ve just returned from my bike ride, which takes me through quiet residential neighborhoods and past at least three parks or playgrounds. It’s a sunny, breezy day following two days of rain.

I didn’t see one child playing outside–no, not even one.

Forget weird and creepy–is this even healthy? Indoors 24/7/365, and with no time off for good behavior: should we be doing this to our children? Why aren’t I seeing kids running around, riding bikes, throwing and kicking balls, sliding down the sliding board or rocking on the see-saw? Where are they?

If this were a Grimm’s fairy tale, I know what’d happen next…

7 comments on “Kids? What Kids?

  1. It’s horrible to watch. We already see the fruitage, relatively young people so out of shape that they can barely walk without becoming exhausted.

  2. And this is summer break from school time. This is very unhealthy. It is the same where I live – so sad. When I drive by the city baseball fields there are plenty of kids involved in baseball, but it is all adult supervised.

    1. Oh, what ever happened to pickup baseball–to pitcher’s hand, invisible man on first, call your field, paper bags or trees for bases, ball held together with tape, playing all day and getting fifty hits, and all the rest of that good stuff? Oh, for but a single day’s more of it!

    2. None of those things are PC, Lee. It’s all gender-normative and discriminates against the baseball-challenged. 🙂

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