Mystery: Dogs & Lemons

My cats don’t respond at all to lemons, beyond a casual sniff. But my cats are not dogs. (Did I just ace Biology 101?)

Why do dogs react with so much drama? It’s only a little piece of lemon. Why do they bark at it? Do they expect it to bark back? Some will taste the lemon; others won’t. Some will run around in circles. Who can explain this?

10 comments on “Mystery: Dogs & Lemons

  1. My guess is that the scent overwhelms their senses. That’s basically what happens with cat and catnip. It’s similar to mint, and they sort of freak out on it.

  2. I sure can’t explain it. But I can tell you about a Doberman I once had. If I was eating it, he would eat it, no matter what it was – sweet, sour, bitter . . . even Greek olives, grapefruit, salad with Italian Dressing. His only criteria is if ‘mommy’ was eating it.

    1. (correcting my grammar – *is in last sentence should be *was. – too early lol

    2. I didn’t notice.
      I used to be able to edit reader replies, but WordPress changed the procedure and I just can’t get the hang of it anymore.

    3. Ive seen lots of pets, both cats and dogs, that do that. My cat HAS to have a taste of pretty much everything I eat.

    4. The only time my painted turtle ever escaped from his home was one night when we were having lobster, and he came scooting toward the table, afraid he was going to miss out. Silly turtle. He should’ve known I wouldn’t fail to give him some.

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