Cat Bemused by Click Beetle

You have to watch this video closely, because it’s a very small click beetle–but there’s a lot of jump in him. When I discovered these beetles, as a boy, I was as fascinated as any cat. You’ll see Annie the Cat has all she can do to keep up with the clicks.

I always catch and release click beetles when they come indoors here, so I’m afraid my cats are out of luck, click beetle-wise.

4 comments on “Cat Bemused by Click Beetle

  1. It is our rainy season, so insects abound. My little one has discovered crickets. I’ve found a number of dead crickets in the last week. She doesn’t endeavor to eat them; she just plays with them until the quit moving.

  2. I catch and release just about everything that happens to wander in – even spiders – but not ants lol

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