Whitcomb Judson, Hail!

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The man himself!

You may not have heard of Whitcomb Judson, but chances are that not a day goes by without him having a beneficial influence on your life. Really, this guy should have his picture on our money or something.

So what did Mr. Judson do, in 1893? What was this big-deal thing that affects practically everybody, every day?

Whitcomb Judson, boys ‘n’ girls, invented… the zipper!

True, Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine, came up with something similar to a zipper in 1851, but he didn’t follow up on it. That honor was reserved for Whitcomb Judson.

How about we mint a two-cent piece in his honor? That way, whenever you put your two cents in, you’re tipping your hat to the inventor of the zipper.

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