Bonus Video: Saps at Sea

This is funnier than Laurel and Hardy! Yeesh, some people get in trouble just sitting in a boat, let alone trying to make it go anywhere. And some make a little extra effort to ship themselves to Davy Jones’ locker, e.g. by an ill-advised use of recreational explosives.

Oh–and motorboats really do a lot better if someone is actually steering them.

5 comments on “Bonus Video: Saps at Sea

  1. Some were rough seas, some were legitimate accidents, but several of these people were so dim-witted that I’m amazed they survived to adulthood. The explosives one; what were they thinking?

    1. It reminds me of the dimwit in Phoenix that decided to impress his guests by capturing a rattlesnake that ventured near the cookout he was hosting. He was going to butcher it, cook it and eat it for all to see, but he ended up bitten instead. That impressed me, but not in a positive sense of the word. 🙂

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