Our Anniversary’s Tomorrow

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Tomorrow Patty and I celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary. I hope I can get my car out of the parking lot: the exit has been blocked these past two days by one of our town’s innumerable construction projects. I want to go down to Keyport and fetch us some really nice seafood for our anniversary dinner. So I’ll have to hustle to get a Newswithviews column written today.

As Scrooge’s nephew Fred said of his marriage, “It was the making of me.” I wouldn’t be me without my other half, without my wife. My work is all made possible by hers. Capt. Kirk can’t do bupkus with the Enterprise unless Scotty’s got the engines working. For us there wouldn’t even be an Enterprise without her. But the metaphor is in danger of being overextended.

Well, I don’t want to get all mushy today. The sun has come out, and so should I: work to be done.



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    1. Yeah, it was last year that Shop Rite said they’d have our lobsters all ready for me to pick up–and didn’t. You only get one 40th anniversary: wit you well, I was marvellous wood wroth.

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