Crawl So They Can Kick You, Part II

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All they want is for your mind to be right.

Are you as sick of this neo-Maoist, “My mind is right, boss!” crap as I am?

Our friend Bob Knight has a column this week in The Washington Times ( which, among other outrages to sanity and common sense, informs us that the Washington Nationals’ shortstop must meet with Major League Baseball’s “vice president for social responsibility and inclusion.”

See, it has been revealed that this 25-year-old athlete made some enemy-of-the-people tweets when he was a teenager, and now he has to apologize to assorted “communities” of Precious Cherished Minorities and meet with the Lord High Jidrool of Baseball to “determine appropriate sensitivity training.” Sweatbox, lobotomy, self-criticism sessions–whatever floats their boat.

Just once, just once, I wish somebody accused of voicing “hate” umpteen years ago would reply, “To all of you who may have been offended by something I tweeted when I was 17 years old… eat me!”

Once upon a time I was a walking encyclopedia of baseball. How I loved it! But then they merged the leagues, American and National, to kill the competition, adulterated the product, and have now seasoned the already unpalatable mess with heaping spoonfuls of Political Correctness. So I have learned to live without baseball.

One of these days I’d like to live without Political Correctness.

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  1. “Major League Baseball’s vice president for social responsibility and inclusion”

    That says a huge mouthful, right there. Why in the world does anyone need a vice president for social responsibility and inclusion? Perhaps more to the point; what standard is used to determine social responsibility and inclusion? Are people so lacking in self-confidence that they ned someone to tell them when they are being socially responsible?

    Secondly; how about forgiveness? Sometimes people say (or tweet) in the heat of the moment, but their words do not reflect their true nature. If you shout a blue-streak out into the wind, it dissipates and is forgotten, say something much less offensive in a Tweet and it follows you for years? This, BTW, is one reason I avoid Facebook and Twitter. You never know when something you say can be taken out of context and used against you.

  2. Political Correctness is the bane of Western civilization. The destruction it is brought has continued unabated. I wonder how long we can go on like this before society collapses. At this point I believe only a national awakening can save us. Time to put on sackcloth and ashes.

    1. When it first began to rear its head, decades ago, I couldn’t believe that anyone could think it was a good idea. Now it’s only gotten worse.

    2. I remember first hearing about in the 90s. I thought it was a joke, who cared what was politically correct? Little did I know.

    3. Same here. I thought it was some juvenile fad which would fade away. The entire notion that only one political opinion can be correct is offensive, IMHO.

    4. It reminds me of a scene in “I, Claudius,” in which Tiberius tells Caligula he’s going to make him his successor as emperor. “Is that a joke, Uncle?” asks Caligula. “No,” says Tiberius, “but it will be.”

  3. Why was merging the two leagues a bad thing? – just curious. Not being PC is what got Donald Trump elected. The solution is the one preached by R.J. Rushdoony, which was: stop propping up the world’s systems and build Christian systems to replace them. He called it “Reconstruction.” If he were alive today he would be writing about how Christians need to stop their belly-aching and get to work – and stop looking for escapes like a rapture.

    1. Merging the leagues killed competition, just like it did when they merged the NFL and AFL. The sport tended to take on the character of a staged exhibition. Also, it’s always a bad thing when power gets consolidated into the hands of persons not fit to receive it.

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