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Today’s our wedding anniversary. Forty-one years ago, we buzzed off to Elkton, Maryland, and got married, Patty and me. We also went fishing that day. We were both working at The Bayshore Independent at the time. We I asked for Monday off, to get married, the publisher scowled and said, “Can’t you do that on your vacation?”

This afternoon, weather permitting, I’ll hie me down the Parkway to Keyport and get us some wonderful seafood at the Keyport Fishery. We used to go there a lot when we were at the Independent. The original family ownership has died out or moved away, but the new owner has displayed the almost unheard-of wisdom of keeping the place just the way it was! It wasn’t broke, so he didn’t fix it.

Readers, I may be kind of busy today, but you’ve got a huge Archive to play around with here: browse the wows, as they would say in Obann if they had blogs there.

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