Green Party Wacko Sinks Ohio Dems

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This is why we sing louder, pray harder, and work! And if the following isn’t an example of God using the weak to defeat the strong (I Corinthians 1:27), I don’t know what is.

In a special Congressional election in Ohio, into which Democrats poured tons of money, a Green Party kook who says he’s descended from space aliens from the Pleiades got 1,100 votes–enough to swing the election to the Republican candidate and retain the seat for the GOP (

Greenie Joe Manchik claimed to speak 17 “languages,” most of them fictitious, and endorsed his party’s position that “every American should be required to grow hemp.” Welcome to Pot-head Nation.

Now, we don’t want to see somebody suddenly turn up with several thousand ballots in the trunk of his car, every one of which is for the Democrat. Been there, done that, and the result was Al Franken in the Senate until he self-destructed by having his picture taken groping a woman on a plane.

But unless something like that happens again, Democrats have lost the seat and Republicans have kept it.


4 comments on “Green Party Wacko Sinks Ohio Dems

  1. I’m surprised he only received 1100 votes if he is offering marijuana in everyone’s garden. It is interesting how Ann Coulter’s newest book is titled. “Resistance Is Futile.”

    1. Well, for a guy who can’t remember his own website, and doesn’t know what a debit card is, he did pretty good. Anyway, he got the votes America needed!

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