Hell Day (Again)

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I’ve got the doctor tomorrow, so I had to write tomorrow morning’s posts today, and then had to write this morning’s posts, and then my Newswithviews column, and then came a couple of hours’ worth of paperwork involving Aunt Joan’s inconsequential estate…

So I went to the bank to get a bunch of papers there, and then to the accountant to deliver a bunch of papers to him, and get asked a lot of questions that I had no idea how to answer–and it’s still not finished, more papers yet to obtain, more forms to fill out–

Pardon me for screaming.

Charles Dickens wasn’t kidding, or even exaggerating, when he wrote Bleak House, the story of the havoc wrought on a lot of people’s lives by an estate that just never can get tied up and settled. We’ve got our own Bleak House right here, and it’s wearing us out.

I can’t imagine what they’d be doing to us if my aunt had actually left us any money.

5 comments on “Hell Day (Again)

    1. Bureaucracies never make sense, but they do have countless ‘non-essential’ employees.

    1. Oh, she has a will. The problem is she ran out of money and had to have Medicaid. That’s where all the snarl-up comes from.

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