An Example of Suburban Rudeness

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I was peaceably smoking my cigar this morning when I espied a big man with a big white dog, which he walked right into our yard to do its business. I occupied myself with trying to choose among several pithy remarks I might make, once I’d walked up to confront him, and was still glued to my chair with surprise when the man and his dog walked away.

At my age I have to choose my fistfights with care, and my judo skills are unforgivably rusty. But the real problem was that this demonstration of suburban rudeness left me speechless, and temporarily unable to get up.

I hope the dog only peed on Apt. No. 1’s day lilies.

The dog’s walker had behaved as if this was his regular procedure, allowing his dog to dump on someone else’s lawn.

People do perplex me, these days.

7 comments on “An Example of Suburban Rudeness

  1. Now that is just horribly rude! I can’t believe anyone would let their pet do such a thing.
    At my house, one of the cats from next door does its business in the yard once in a while, but not always. But since it comes often, it kind of becomes something like a pet.

  2. Sadly, this seems to be the rule and not the exception, anymore. A lot of people just, flat, do not care.

  3. I spotted someone from my bathroom window with a rather large dog stop on our lawn. I could see him, but he couldn’t see me. I suspected what was coming next, and I was right. I should have said something, but I didn’t and the deed had already been done. It says a lot about their character (or lack thereof).

    1. When you see something like this, there’s always a lag time before you can think of what to say; and by then it’s usually too late.

      I wonder if they’re counting on that.

  4. From what I have seen like this, I don’t think they consider that other people really have any rights. Whatever is convenient for them is the only important consideration.

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