It’s Snowing… on South Africa’s Giraffes

When was the last time you saw a snowscape–with giraffes?

Check out the photos in this article ( Giraffes, elephants, and sable antelopes, all plodding around in heavy snow–is that a weird visual experience, or what?

Good thing they’ve stopped calling it Global Warming and shifted over to Climate Change. ‘Cause this don’t look like warmin’! Is it too late to bring back the New Ice Age scare from the 1970s?

Snow is not unknown in South Africa, but this is ridiculous.

The science is settled, eh? Like, it must be the Warming that’s causing it to snow on the giraffes and elephants.

We’re waiting to hear the globalists blame the snow on Donald Trump.

4 comments on “It’s Snowing… on South Africa’s Giraffes

  1. Odd weather does not attest to climate change.

    I’ve seen some very odd weather, including getting caught in a driving snowstorm 60 miles north of the border with Mexico. (When you drive a sports car, that can be a serious problem.) But the overall climate hasn’t changed and these freak events are hardly statistically significant. The last time I checked, which was about 20 minutes ago, it’s still a desert out there and I predict that it will remain so until God causes the deserts to bloom.

  2. If Donald Trump had not pulled out from the Paris Climate Accords it would not have snowed on those giraffes (tongue in cheek). I am currently reading McCall Smith’s “#1 Ladies Detective Agency” which takes place in Botswana, Africa, where the Kalahari is located. Yet when rain does come everything turns green overnight. Now, if settled Science could come up with the means to control rain, there is a lot of desert in the western United States that could be turned into a vegetational paradise.

    1. That last point is entirely true. Our rainy season just ended and I’m always amazed by how fast the grass in my yard grows when the rains come. Two feet of growth in a month is quite possible.

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