Assorted Funny Cats

One of these clips reminded me of our cat, Buster, who used to watch “Nature” on TV and always tried to grab the little elephants he saw plodding across the screen. It was years before he finally gave up on it.

Anyway, this is a very cozy video, guaranteed to lower your blood pressure.

8 comments on “Assorted Funny Cats

  1. I love how kittens have such arrow-straight little tails. That first little guy was sure enjoying his bottle. At about 3:30 there sure was a precious little Lynx Point Siamese. The cats cuddling with dogs was pretty nice, too. I guess that once both the cat and the dog know what to expect from one another they can become pretty trusting.

  2. The thing I like about your post Lee is no negative commits. If on Facebook there would be saying it was cruel to have kitten feed itself.

    1. Unbelievable! How self-centered and self-righteous can people be. That kitten was having the time of its life.

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