‘All My Sins Have Been Forgiven’

I’m  vegetating at the eye doctor’s office this morning, but WordPress’ cutting-edge technology permits me to bring you this hymn, suggested by Susan–All My Sins Have Been Forgiven, performed by Church Folk.

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  1. Thank you Lee and Susan. Another one I hadn’t heard. I’m not sure how you do it, Susan, but keep them coming! 🙂

    1. Thanks for asking SLIMJIM. Weak but thankful to be home and for each new day and for all your prayers. We have such a loving Father, and this little ‘family home church’ that Lee has provided I believe Father has been slowly leading in this direction for His purpose. Lee has, in my opinion, followed God’s leading, fulfilling His purpose.

      For some of us discouraged by the state of today’s churches, Lee has provided a small family home church where we all love and pray for each other. Jesus is near . . . Praise God!

  2. This is a nice hymn.
    I have a request: “Alpha and Omega” by the Gaither Vocal Band.
    Thank you.

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