Prayer Request: My Wife

Some years ago, Patty had a bout of pneumonia. It left her with COPD, and lately it’s been getting out of hand. She has trouble breathing, trouble sleeping, lots of fatigue. I’ve been wanting to make this prayer request for her, and I finally have permission.

Yes, I know we have to get her to a doctor. She hasn’t had the energy to prepare herself for it. This has been kind of weighing on my mind, to put it as mildly as I can.

Please join me in prayer for her.

O Lord our God, have mercy on my wife, and heal her–give her back her breath, and make her whole. I have asked you, again and again, in Jesus’ name, to help us. Please, Father: I believe in you, I trust in your word, and I believe that you can heal her. I ask you for this blessing in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Father, we, Your children, come to You and ask strength, breath and healing be returned to Patty. These are difficult challenges for us, Lord, but for You – Your Word is all we need. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we ask Father.

    All praise and glory to you, Lord.

    This is one very close to me since some of my recent health issues are the same. Although you’re both in my daily prayers, sometimes we need a specific request. This is one of those times.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I will add this prayer to my daily prayers for the Lee Duigan family. May Jesus breathe upon Patty as He did His disciples in the New Testament, and may God breath the breath of life in her as he did Adam & Eve.

  3. Patty’s need goes into my daily prayer journal immediately. I know that when a loved one is suffering, we suffer with them, so I pray for peace and blessing for Lee as well.
    Father in heaven, it is to You that we come to cast all our cares, knowing that all healing ultimately comes from Your grace and love, and for the great
    care with which each one has been formed. We ask for complete restoration of health as we agree together for Patty in the mighty name of Yeshua/Jesus, our dear Lord and Savior, amen.

  4. Dear Lee:

    I am praying for dear Patty to recover soon.

    I am also praying that you both please consult a naturopathic doctor (as I do, Like Dr. Joseph Mercola, my favorite physician,…at almost 83, I am hale and hearty, thanks to God and my healthy lifestyle…have not been sick for ages because of my lifestyle and following the sage advice of such naturopathic doctors…I NEVER go to a regular allopathic medical doctor because all they do is to give you pharmaceutical drugs that only suppress the symptoms but never heal the root causes of the disease – natural remedies do)

    Blessings Your brother-in-Christ Bob Jason

  5. Some people with COPD have had tremendous success treating it by using colloidal silver in their breathing machines. check out their testimonials at “thesilveredge”.com (no quote marks) I have used CS for just about anything you can imagine for over 12 years and, no, it won’t turn you blue if you drink it. I saved my husband’s life with it when the hospital’s antibiotics were not killing a raging staph infection he had, but destroying his kidneys instead. They still call his recovery “miraculous” as they told me he would not survive. Of course, they did not know I started treating him with CS because I knew it would work. And it did.

  6. Please tell Patty that my heart is with her through this struggle. I will certainly keep both of you in my prayers. I hope they can find a successful treatment for her very soon, and that God’s healing hands will be upon her.

  7. Amen to both. I read something cool about ineffective breathing patterns here please consider reading it. Thank you for your post. I’ll pray for your wife.

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