No Nooze is Good Nooze

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“Hi! I’m Farfel the European Smooth Newt! Lee has asked me to tell you he isn’t going to write up any news today, if he can help it, but he will take hymn requests and animal video requests, so if you wanna make one, now’s the time to do it. Tomorrow we go back to observing the history of the future. That’s what us Smooth Newts call ‘current events.’ And that’s why people call us smooth!”

Yeah, all right, Farfel, geddoudahere already…

He’s right, though. We are open for extra hymn requests today. Well, okay, sure, we’re open for that every day. But I am just not going to do news today! Not unless I really, really have to. Farfel the Newt is a news junkie, but I’m not.

Now, excuse me while I go to see what’s cooking with Oy, Rodney today.

4 comments on “No Nooze is Good Nooze

  1. Farfal’s serious visage would lead me to conclude that the “history of the future” is being well looked after. As far as a day without the lunacy of the nooze, I’m all for it.

  2. Maybe Farfel the Newt can get his own radio talk show on the Chalcedon Channel showing how there really isn’t anything new under the sun. Malcolm Muggeridge said it this way: “All news is old news happening to new people.”

  3. I’m late on this, but I’m hoping animal video requests are good anytime. : )
    My kids love this video–they laugh hysterically every time they see it.

    We have a scaredy cat in our house, too. Once he scared himself by tripping over my little girl’s foot, then promptly ran face first into the stove in his panic (scaring himself yet again), then raced under the futon in our sun room and wouldn’t come out. The only thing he hurt was his dignity, so all we could do was laugh.

    1. Thanks, I needed that!
      For years, every time the radio played that buzzing noise as a test of the emergency network, our cats ran upstairs and hid under the bed.

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