If We Did Everything the Left Thinks is Good…

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I received this insight a couple of days ago, and I just can’t let it go. I think it bears repeating. Then I’ll shut up about it.

What if everybody did everything that the Left says is good?

We would go extinct as a species.

Homosexuality and transgenderism–forget about “Be fruitful and multiply.” These pastimes are no way to give us a next generation.

Assisted suicide–do you really need to ask?

Abortion–guess what happens if every baby is aborted.

You can see it all builds toward human extinction. And who can possibly be for that, but Satan? And, of course, really Smart people who are completely deluded. For a refresher course along those lines, see That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis. It tells you everything you need to know about where those Real Smart People are at.

I do believe we ought to be stressing this: too many people don’t seem to be getting it.

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  1. Indeed, Lee, this goes to the crux of the matter. Satan hates humanity. We are the only thing in all of creation made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, his energies and schemes are devoted to destruction of God’s image, being replaced, of course, with the beast’s image.

    Please don’t shut up about it! Shout it from the rooftops! People need to wake up!

  2. Amen. I am in full agreement. There is far too much silence and acceptance, far too little bold proclamation.

  3. When the Leftist Billionaires get together, you know, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, etc. they conclude the most dangerous problem in the world is overpopulation – talk about stupidity masquerading as intelligence. There is enough room in the State of Texas alone to contain every person on the planet with a little lump of land for everyone to live on.

    1. In all fairness, it must be said that living with the traffic congestion around here is no picnic.
      Let’s not turn Texas into New Jersey.
      Anyhow, what are they complaining about? They don’t sit in traffic, they don’t have to try to sleep through near neighbors’ floodlights and rap music. You’d think they’d enjoy having all these people to push around and pontificate to. There’s just no pleasing them.

  4. I’d like to post your pic on big signs and have people carrying them to polling places in democratic cities.

    1. What’s good for the goose is…and Jimmy Crackcorn and I don’t care. Back at ’em. I can always apologize. Maybe even be ordered by some over-reaching, corrupt judge to attend sensitivity training sessions. Heck, i’d bring my signs with me and start all over again.

  5. Okay. Extinction, I hear all of you and believe it in part. My question is why would satan rather be extincting people than turning them into disciples and leaving God with less potential followers? I have a feeling i’m going to be shot down on this one, but I’d still like to hear it.

    1. I believe it is literally that; extinction. For whatever reason, Satan hates humanity and has attacked us from the days of Eden. I can speculate some theories on the reasons, but it’s just wild surmising and not really based on anything beyond cheap opinions.

    2. Thank you for your input. I value your opinion. Okay, take the left, which many of us call demons. They hate humanity – humanism, transhumanism, AI, the unborn, etc – and seem to be trying really hard to destroy (extinct) us, but they’re not killing us off. Instead, they’re destroying everything we hold dear, everything around us, past, present and future, and it’s this destruction that appears to be more important to them than that we should become extinct (disappear). It’s like they’re challenging God, the same as satan has always done. Without us, they’re impotent. If satan killed us all, because he wants not only his followers dead so they can, as Lee so profoundly said, go to hell, then there’d be nobody left but God Himself. I’ll stop here; I forget sometimes i’m not still at university and belaboring an issue is unproductive. Yes, i’ll go with extinction because anything else is, like you said, “…just wild surmising and not really based on anything beyond cheap opinions.”

    3. The Left reflect the nature of the “god” they worship, which is Satan and not the Almighty God. Some on the Left claim to be devoted to God, but they support causes which are in opposition to God.

    4. Yes. That’s why I call them demons. Like Jesus said, “They’ll hate you because they hated me first.”

    5. I hope you don’t think anybody here was trying to insult you. More needs to be said about this issue. Because it’s **hard** to understand why the Left sponsors and promotes such bizarre, self-destructive behavior. We’re all living in a society poisoned by it.

    6. Oh no, not at all. Sorry if I gave that impression. I really need and value your input as well as the input from the other intelligentsia on your page. I pushed my curiosity too hard, but thank you for letting me know, in such a nice way. Like a mentor, I must say.

      But, hey – I just read your nwv article “Liberals and Suicides” about the intended consequences of California’s law making it legal to force someone to commit suicide. Well, now I can see it a bit more clearly – extinctors
      (or exsphincters). It’s still the survival of the extinctors over the extincted. I defer – i’m getting silly as I always do when something is too “hard” to resolve. It’s childish – BUT that’s what keeps me young – lol.

    7. That’s an interesting question Marlene, one that I have not fully pondered. It’s clear Satan, above all else, wants to be worshiped. It’s clear, however, that he has no special love for humanity. He walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Does that imply he wants to commit genocide? I don’t know. I think he certainly would like to kill all Christians if he could, and may be content to be worshiped by the rest of Godless humanity. In any case, his actions rather intentional or not will lead to destruction, including himself, as we see in the Book of Revelation.

      In the same way, I don’t think the far Left does these things with extinction in mind, although they probably wouldn’t mind seeing a few billion less people on the planet. But the things they are for are anti-life and would lead us to extinction, given enough time. As with Satan, they have no love in their hearts for humanity. Without that the outcome will always lead to death.

      Something else to consider, Satan is the leader of the rebellion but he’s not the only one. There are principalities and powers, fallen angels and demons, an entire conglomerate of fallen beings, each with a will of their own and possibly competing agendas. Many, no doubt, would love to see humanity destroyed, and are doing their part to make it happen. Such is the nature of pure evil, the only (perverse) joy they get is seeing others suffer.

    8. “There are principalities and powers, fallen angels and demons, an entire conglomerate of fallen beings, each with a will of their own and possibly competing agendas.” This describes congress to perfection. Kidding (not) aside, we could describe these end day events all day long and miss the watchman on the wall. Diversion is another one of satan’s tactics. I’ve learned a lot from you guys, you, unknowable, lee. And I thank you for taking the time to explain this. It’s really out of our hands as we are to shine our light so that others don’t walk in darkness. And pray. I feel as though I’ve come to a full circle – discernment, confusion, questions, discernment. Thanks.

  6. It’s eugenics. They think that if people don’t agree with their beliefs they don’t deserve to live. Hitler and Nazi Germany all over again. More unborn children have been murdered in America alone then Jews during the Holocaust.

    1. Great insight, Elijah. There’s nothing to add, because you said it so well.

  7. About the Holocaust people usually think: “If only I was there, I would have…”
    But they have the opportunity, right now. We have our own Holocaust going on as I type this comment.

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