‘Monster or Hallucination? New Jersey’s Mantis Man’ (2015)

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Illustration created by Ben Miller

So you’re minding your own business, peacefully fishing in New Jersey’s Musconetcong River; and you’re all alone, of course, because these things never, ever happen when there’s a crowd of 20 people present…


And there he is, just on the opposite bank, staring at you, eight feet tall. Mantis Man–trying to give the Jersey Devil a run for it as the Official Haint of our state. My money’s on the Jersey Devil, who’s been at it since the 1700s. But don’t count Mantis Man out. He’s coming on strong.

This is, why do people tell these stories? Why do so many people tell them?

12 comments on “‘Monster or Hallucination? New Jersey’s Mantis Man’ (2015)

  1. Distractions from the insanity of today’s world, I suppose. It would be my suggestion that if you happen to run into one of these creatures, DO NOT look for the zipper. Why ruin al the fun? )

    Think I’ve done it again. Trembling is really bad and breathing and weakness are right up there. Time to give it a rest.

    Still praying, Patty.

  2. New Jersey has been declared the most stressed out State in the Union, beating out New York even. Maybe that’s why people in the Garden State think they are seeing things that aren’t really there – they are stressed out.

    1. That must be why it’s been feeling like New York lately.

      The traffic is murder, the noise is murder, everybody’s floodlights shining into your bedroom every night is murder…

      You wouldn’t believe what a beautiful state this used to be. Feels like I must’ve only dreamed it.

  3. I’ve often wondered why people come up with this nonsense, but it seems to be happening more often, these days. A guess is that it’s an escape from reality.

    1. I’m fascinated by the ones showing up all over the Bell Mountain/Lintum Forest/Obann area. And some of their descriptions seem to me to take quite an imagination. 🙂

    2. I love the things Lee comes up with, but he doesn’t try to convince people that they are of the real world.

  4. There’s also the Goat Man, Moth Man, Kappa (Japanese turtle-like man-shaped monster with a beak that lives in water)… Totally RIDICULOUS!!!

  5. Hello, I wanted to contact you some way more private but I can’t find that option on your page. This article for the mantis man uses the thumbnail that I created back on 2017 which I have found is being utilized by many places. I am not faulting you and I am not upset but I would appreciate it if you would give me credit for the image. I provided my channel info when filling out the form to make this comment and you are free to check it out yourself that it is indeed my thumbnail. Everyone else that uses it is from 2018 and on and I still have the original file on my computer with exact date. I stated 2017 only because I want that full information to be private unless it is needed to prove my case. Of this I am willing to provide you any information you need to satisfy any apprehension you may have about my claim. I appreciate what you are doing on this site though.

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