Sayonara, Japan?

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Toshiro can’t figure it out, either

Ah, those months of record-breaking viewership! July, August, and then that 10,000-view festival in September!

Those months were fueled by fantastic participation by readers in Japan. Boy, did I wonder about that! What could possibly be getting me 100 views per day (or even more) from Japan?

But for the first five days of October, the heavy Japanese viewership has evaporated as mysteriously as it appeared in the first place. I have no idea what made it come, and no idea what’s made it go away. It was great while it lasted.

Oh, well… Hello out there in Nippon, whoever you are! Come back anytime, you’ll always find a welcome here.

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  1. Couldn’t resist. Unknowable may have some ideas on this. My only thought is ‘bots’, and I don’t even really know what they are! Unknowable, what do you think happened?

    And now, really, I’m going to put my legs up like a good patient and I’m bringing Bell Mountain with me. 🙂

  2. Blessings, Linda. Lee, if I understood one tenth of what happens on line
    these days, it would be amazing. I don’t do that much on line any more, but the little I do keeps me confused a lot of the time. It wasn’t this way just three years ago.

  3. I think I have an explanation to this whole matter of Japanese view:

    Exhibit 1: September 20th at 12:35 pm Joshua said: “…I’ve lived on Kyushu Island, one of the four main islands of Japan…”

    Exhibit 2: The same day at 2:43 pm Mr. Duigon said: “Joshua, have you got friends and family to view this blog–or are all those views from Japan coming from you? Japan has given this site a real shot in the arm.”

    Exhibit 3: The next day (September 21st) at 9:33 am Joshua responded: “My brother, Jeremy, and I are the only ones in my family who view this blog, but I don’t know anyone else in Japan who do…”

    Thus we can see from all this evidence that Joshua and his brother are:
    1) From Japan, 2) Not sure, but they think that they are the only ones that come to this blog.

    Exhibit 4: September 28th: Joshua started his own blog.

    I would assume that starting a blog of his own gave him less time to view yours, thus resulting in fewer views from Japan.

    Case result: Nothing proved for sure, but highly possible to be a fact. Joshua was the person who viewed Mr. Duigon’s blog close to 100 times a day, and upon starting his own blog, has slowed down his viewing.

    Case completed by Elijah Holston, Detective.

    1. 1) Joshua is in his right mind. 2) No one in his right mind would view this site 100 times a day. 3) Therefore it wasn’t Joshua.

  4. I like your sleuthing, Detective Holston!
    There is a high possibility that there are others in Japan who view this blog, as there are many foreigners in Japan and Japanese people who understand English.

    1. Thank you for your evidence Mr. Swanson.
      I like the thought of mysterious happenings, so I always jump on even the smallest unaccounted occurrences that might result in something of a mystery.

    1. It really has to be made into a movie too! Maybe a series of movies; because there is no way it could be condensed into one movie, and still keep it awesome. Plus, I couldn’t bear watching only one Bell Mountain movie without knowing that part two is coming out within a few years.

    2. I think the producers of ‘Beyond the Mask”, (I think it’s Burns studios or something like that), would be the best people to make a Bell Mountain movie. They are very creative, and people love to volunteer with them, but they don’t just pick random actors, they pick the best. And they do a great job. Hopefully they are still making movies when I have multiple millions to spare.

    3. That’s typical, but why not try to break the record.
      Here’s my plan. You try to live another 20-30 years, (not too hard to do).
      And I’ll make a fortune.
      Then we’ll start our own production corporation. We can call it “Lee and E”.

    4. More like: “Lee and E’s Film Studios”
      The E would stand for Elijah, since I would be financing the whole thing I thought I would allow myself just a little credit.

  5. I would guess that Joshua may have been a big part of it. Keep in mind, too, that a single session could generate more than one view, especially if you were to post a comment.

    In this case, it’s probably not bots, because the bots would post ads and links to other websites, most likely in a language other than English.

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