Bonus Video: Pogo Stick Fails

Those who know me well, know I was, in my youth, an eighth-degree black belt in pogo stick jumping. If my mother could have ever seen me hopping on my pogo stick up and down our high, steep cellar stairs–ho, boy!

Now, though, as I contemplate such videos as these, I wonder: “What was I thinking? How did I manage not to kill myself, doing that?”

Ah! But just once let me get my hands on a pogo stick again–!

9 comments on “Bonus Video: Pogo Stick Fails

  1. I wanted to try one of these as a kid, but never got around to it. It looked like fun, but then I would probably have been one who got hurt.

    1. I, uh, proooobably wouldn’t do that anymore, if I had a pogo stick now. But I’d love to take it for a spin around the block!

    2. Yeah, I bet you wouldn’t! Kids are fearless–grownups not so much. I used to do stupid things too, like rollerskate to music on the hard cement basement floor, no protective gear. It’s amazing I didn’t fall and crack my head open, or break any bones. Jumping on a pogo stick up and down the stairs wins the prize, though. If you were going to hop around the block on a pogo stick now, Patty would have to get that on video for us. 🙂

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