Our Current Comment Contest

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Hey, dig that alliteration! What a headline!

Just a reminder that we have a comment contest going. We’re shooting for 35,000, and at the moment we have 33,887–just 1,113 to go.

The winner will get an autographed copy of one of my books, unless I can swing a guadier prize. Maybe a dinner with Violet Crepuscular.

All comments are eligible except 1) those that abuse any other reader or commenter on this site, 2) those containing blasphemy or profanity, 3)comments by left-wing trolls, which are usually covered by 1) and/or 2), 3) commercials disguised as comments, like I can’t see through them, and 4) comments too vapid or inane to be considered. Other than the above, anything goes.

10 comments on “Our Current Comment Contest

  1. Off we go again, good! There is plenty to comment about, just always
    getting them in the correct section of my inbox. grrr

  2. Since I’ve read all 10 books in the Bell Mountain Series, if I were so blessed as to win the contest, my choice would have to be the next one coming up. There are, I’m sure, many more loyal readers who are waiting – some of us a bit more impatiently than others 🙂

    They’re classified as fantasy, but could well be reality. No magic wand stuff here. Real-life problems with real-life solutions – and, of course, God working His works. Christian books for the Christian and non-Christian alike. And who knows, since you do follow scripture, someone’s heart may be turned to the Lord!

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