UN Wackos Call for $240/Gallon Gas Tax

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“Plenty of Climbit Change where I come from!”

Hey, *S*A*V*I*N*G  T*H*E  *P*L*A*N*E*T  from Global Warming/ Climbit Change is an expensive proposition!

This weekend, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change called for a mammoth carbon tax, equivalent to a gas tax of $240 per gallon here in America–said tax to be accompanied by “societal changes that are unprecedented in scale” (http://www.climatedepot.com/2018/10/08/a-240-per-gallon-gas-tax-to-fight-global-warming-new-un-report-suggests-carbon-pricing/).

Uh, no thanks.

How crazy are these people? What have they been smoking or ingesting that prompts, even in their wildest dreams, such fantasies?

Be very, very thankful that Donald Trump’s our president. Obama would sell us out to the UN in a New York minute. So would any other Democrat.

Do not ever let liberals take power in America. Never again.

9 comments on “UN Wackos Call for $240/Gallon Gas Tax

  1. Save the planet… by killing the people. They don’t seem to understand that back of modern civilization is built upon fossil fuels, and without it, it couldn’t exist. All the food at the supermarkets are transported via trucks, imagine what a $240 gas tax would do to food prices? For all the talk of “clean” energy, it’s all based upon old technology that is not as efficient, and more expensive.

    1. They have this little image in their minds of themselves luxuriating in high-tech palaces and lording it over masses of defenseless serfs (that would be the rest of us).

  2. NEVER AGAIN! That would be like releasing the inmates- no, it would be worse, much worse.

  3. On Sunday night’s “Huckabee” TV show, Mike told of the U.N. telling America to lessen the sanctions on Iran. His response was to tell the U.N. to stick their proposal where the sun doesn’t shine. That’s the same place they can stick their $240/gal of gas tax.

    1. What they would really like to do would be to reduce most of us to a medieval peasant-like existence, with themselves so far above us as to be our gods. Kinda like “The Hunger Games.”

    1. Well, see, we gotta give them like absolute power over every aspect of our lives, and all our money, or else, like, everybody’s gonna die and all our cities will be drowned and blah-blah-blah.

      Liberals go postal when you don’t believe them. There’s this little thing called “proof” that really gets their goat.

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