Christmas Carol Contest?

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We have a custom around here of taking requests for Christmas hymns as part of our yearly Christmas celebration. We’ve had a lot of fun with that, the past two years, and I’ve been thinking of making it more fun yet by holding a Christmas carol contest.

How does this grab you? Whoever requests the Christmas hymn that gets the most views on the day it’s requested, wins a prize. I was thinking of “most views overall” from after Thanksgiving to New Year’s, but that would be letting myself in for a major scorekeeping job. Besides, this way the apparent winner could change from day to day–unbearably exciting!

Anyway, folks, what do you think? Open to suggestion…

8 comments on “Christmas Carol Contest?

  1. Great idea, Lee. As if your posts were not already interesting enough, you go and up the ante for us. Thank you.

    1. Tut-tut, the contest doesn’t begin until the day after Thanksgiving. But I’ll post the song anyway–just can’t say no.

  2. Can’t ever go wrong with Christmas carols. They are the ones I have all the verses memorized. I sing them all year round – try it sometime and experience how it lifts up your spirit.

  3. Sounds like a great idea, Lee, and I admire your willingness and intestinal fortitude to take on yet another project – even as the faceless, nameless ones continue to harass you over your poor Aunt Joan’s non-estate.

    1. I really wonder if this project will ever be finished. They’re out of luck, if I die before it’s done. Every time we think we’re finished with it, they come up with something else.

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