Cats & Rats Together

While you’re waiting for the lion and the lamb to lie down together (it’ll happen: God has said so), you might get used to the idea by watching these cats and these rats play and cuddle together. To anyone who’s had pet rats, this won’t be surprising. They’re very affectionate, and smart as paint.

True, one of the rats in this video is obstreperatin’ at the cat’s expense, but it’s nothing that the cat can’t handle.

4 comments on “Cats & Rats Together

  1. Lee, comments are disabled for prayer request for those in the path of hurricane Michael.

    This has not been a good day for me so I haven’t looked at the posts, but as I do try to look at all prayer requests, I noticed this.

  2. It’s amazing how affectionate animals can be. This is a glimpse into the Restitution.

    I’m taken with the toy Jeep on top of the bookshelf in that last clip. I WANT one!!!! 🙂

    1. The jeep looks like the one on our patio that our 4 year old granddaughter drives. The one she drives is quite a bit larger but it’s quite a bit smaller than the one we drive. Hers is pink too – Barbie pink with flowers. You most likely wouldn’t appreciate that 🙂 She also has a Harley she drives around our yard. Grampa started her early lol

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