Was It Something I Said?

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Again, it’s raining buckets–no writing allowed outside today. And inside, our blog traffic has slowed to a crawl, these last two days. I have no idea what causes that, any more than a baseball player can figure out why he’s in a 1-for-32 batting slump. Although, what with baseball and the way it is now, they’ve surely invented a new euphemism that makes 1-for-32 sound like a glorious achievement, well worth the guy’s $60 million salary. But I digress.

Hello out there! Where did everybody go?

(Yeah, Lee, but if they’re all as sick of the news as you are… You’ve gotta write it, but they don’t have to read it.)

9 comments on “Was It Something I Said?

  1. It is nothing you said. It is computer program changes, screw-ups, and the fact that I was away from home all day yesterday, no computer time.
    For some crazy reason, some of your messages appear in the promo tab of my inbox, not in the social tab as it used to be. Now and then one or two appears in the primary tab where comments are disabled. Never saw such confusion in everything. I will try to keep from deleting your posts because they appear in the promo tab where I usually delete in bunches.

  2. Sometimes the only explanation is life, Lee. People get busy – or are taken to their sick beds like me. And many times, there are those of us who read your posts and just don’t comment. Don’t over-think it or over-worry. We’re here, even if we don’t always appear 🙂

    1. I can’t help getting a little rattled when the views suddenly drop by 100 a day.
      I’m also fighting off a bout of cabin fever. So far it’s rained every day this month. It’s raining now. I can’t get outside to work on my book, and I’m getting antsy.

      I guess it’s time for a Freddy the Pig book.

    1. Hi Phoebe. Welcome back. Hope all’s well with you. Sorry it took me so long. It takes me awhile to catch up on posts and comments these days.

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