Mark Rushdoony, ‘The Sweep of History’

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Spot of theology, anyone?

Our Chalcedon president, Mark Rushdoony, wrote this for our magazine in 2004, reminding us that, as Christians, we walk by faith and not by sight. Because what we see, in this fallen world, can be disheartening.

As Bible readers we should know that history has  a purpose, organized by a Person, God, who is infinitely wiser, more righteous, and mightier than we could ever be. From Genesis to Revelation, God makes His purpose known. There’s really no excuse for believing history doesn’t have a purpose.

We don’t worship the works of our own hands, we don’t worship things, the state, or science. We worship God, who hears our prayers and moves, often invisibly to us, throughout history, shepherding it to its objective.

And we are His.

7 comments on “Mark Rushdoony, ‘The Sweep of History’

  1. One of the things you bring out in Bell Mountan, reminding your readers every so often, is that the new temple will be one built not with hands but will instead be made up of God’s people!

    To everyone who reads the Bell Mountain Series: It will stay in your heart forever and even wriggle a reminder in here and there 🙂

  2. Interesting article. I especially enjoyed the point about biblical history being linear, not cyclical.

  3. I’m grateful for Chalcedon’s ministries. I need to visit that site more often and read some Rushdoony, haven’t done so in a while…

    1. For quite a while our site annoyed readers by being so blamed slow to load. I’m happy to report that problem has been fixed. Pop in at any time and read to your heart’s content. You don’t have to say “Lee sent me.”

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