Writing in the Cold

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I’m happy to report that Patty feels much better today, thanks to lot of sleep and to your prayers–please keep ’em coming. Maybe we’ll make it to the doctor’s tomorrow. It depends on how she’s feeling.

Meanwhile, I heated myself up with a bike ride up the hill and have been out there in the cold, scribbling away.

Now the problem is that a few of my characters have asserted themselves in ways I hadn’t been expecting and pulled some fast ones on me, and I’m just writing to keep up. I suppose I ought to thank them for that: it should make the story rather livelier–as long as I don’t drop the ball. I hope I can live up to their confidence in me.

(Uh-oh, he’s losin’ it–talking about his fictional characters as if they were real…)

I do appreciate your prayers for my writing. If, in spite of all the obstacles I’ve had to deal with, this book gets finished and turns out well, to God be the glory: I certainly haven’t had that much to do with it.

I’m almost warmed up enough to go back out and resume my labors.

8 comments on “Writing in the Cold

  1. I never knew that writing could be so physical. Many years ago, I used to write computer code in the shade of a tree in my backyard. It was wonderful, as long as the weather was good.

  2. Just as long as those uppity characters don’t drag you under the vicar’s wading pool, you’ll be okay. (Oops, I’m starting to think it’s all real myself.)

  3. Good news about Patty! A good night’s sleep can do wonders. I am a strong believer in 7 – 8 hours a night.

    I just read the part in “The Temple” where everyone is looking to King Ryons for wisdom on what to do next, and he has no idea what to say. Then he finds himself prophesying the will of God, and having to ask what he said when he was done – kind of like the way Lee Duigan writes his fantasy world..

  4. Great news about Patty, will keep praying. There are so many prayer needs these days, I could pray around the clock. Friends with broken bones, surgeries, surgeries that failed and have to be re-done, nasty foot infections, on and on. The Lord doesn’t need long and involved expressions, so that helps. He is merciful and all knowing.

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