Prayer Request: Phoebe

Please join in prayer for our dear friend Phoebe, who suffered a serious fall this weekend and may have suffered a concussion and a knee injury. The silver lining, she says, is that she fell in church. So she’s already had some prayers, but she could use ours, too.

O Father in Heaven, help and heal your servant, Phoebe, minister to her injuries and make her whole. She comes early to your church each morning, Lord, to prepare it for services. Please, Father, heal her and uphold her: in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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7 responses to “Prayer Request: Phoebe

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    So sorry to hear this, especially since she recently started posting on this blog again with her erudite insights. Lord Jesus, have mercy on your servant Phoebe.


  • marlene

    Amen. You’re in our prayers, Phoebe, that you’ll be up and about in no time, without pain. How did you fall in church…


  • Phoebe

    Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. I had a CT scan today, and the good news is that there’s no brain bleeding, even though my face looks like a raccoon crossed with an iguana. I’m also regaining almost full use of my knee — more good news: just a sprain, not a break — and my hands, which were caught underneath me as I pitched forward and were also sprained, are almost back to normal as well.

    So all I have to contend with now are the recurring nausea and the embarrassment, both at having fallen in the first place and at what my face looks like now. I’m trying to come up with some good stories when people register shock at the bruising: “You should have seen the other guy!” “When you wrestle alligators, watch out for the tails!” “I knew I shouldn’t have tried the Olympic ski jump so early in the season.” and so forth. Any other ideas?

    Again, thank you all for your prayers. God bless you all.


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