Godspeed, Linda

I’ve just learned that our friend and sister Linda Sorci died yesterday. The phone call came from her daughter, Lynn. She was afraid to call me yesterday, and I was afraid to call her. This is not easy to bear.

We take comfort in what we must believe, as Christians: that the blood of Jesus Christ has washed away any and all sins; that all our loved ones who have gone before us now inhabit mansions in the Father’s house, and we will join them there, and speak with them again; that the Lord Our God will wipe away all tears, heal all hurts, and restore all things; that Jesus Christ His Son has won eternal life for all of us who believe in Him. “I am the resurrection, and the life.” Yes, Lord. Yes.

But it hurts us to lose those who are dear to us, even with our faith to save us from falling into hopelessness.

We pay them tribute with our grief. We must not grudge our tears.

Godspeed, Linda. Remember us in your prayers, as we remember you in ours.

We’ll see you again, by and by.

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  1. We pray and pray and pray for God to spare someone’s life. Then she dies and we say “it’s God’s will.” Why pray? It’s God’s will no matter what we do. It’s a false hope most of the time. Que sera.

    1. If God granted all our prayers, hardly anyone would ever die. It hurts. He understands that hurt, and has done something about it: gave the world His only begotten Son. Whether we live on earth or whether we die, we have a mansion in the Father’s house: “If it were not so,” Jesus said, “I would have told you.” If we can’t believe this, whatever else we do is all in vain.

      We live by the Word of God or not at all.

  2. I, too, will sorely miss our Sister Linda. I considered her a dear friend, and still do, as we will meet again in eternity. May the comfort of the Holy Spirit surround her surviving loved ones

  3. So saddened to hear of Linda’s passing. She was so faithful to share her thoughts and insights on this blog, as well as links to more interesting material. She will be sorely missed by me. May she rest in peace and enjoy her reward.

  4. I only spoke to Linda once, but she definitely left a mark on my heart. She was a honest and straightforward as a person could be. We talked about the ultimate hope which comes from the promise of deliverance for all mankind. Her attitude was positive and upbeat.

    Losing friends and loved ones to death is never pleasant, never easy. The first loss in my life was a grandparent, when I was 11 years old. The next was 13 years later. I felt exempt from grief, but 4 years later I lost three relatives in short succession. Since then, the losses have come more often and the large family I was born into is becoming quite small. Loss of friends is just as painful and not something I can ever accept as normal. I’ve lost three friends to cancer this year.

    My point is not to draw sympathy, but that death is a horrid enemy. Amen, come quickly Lord Jesus.

  5. Thank you all so very much for your kind words and comments about my beautiful, kind, gentle, sweet, loving Mom. She is loved and missed very much and I pray to be with her one day again. I did not expect to lose her so soon, but she is at peace now at out of pain and can breathe again. For that, I am thankful. God is merciful. He answered her prayers and she passed in the way that she asked.She is at eternal rest and looking down on all of us.She often said that she was not afraid to die because when she got to heaven she looked forward to being wrapped in the arms of Jesus. I take comfort in knowing that she was that much at peace and not afraid. She used to tell my sisters and me every night how much she loved us and end with AOYP – angels on your pillow. Well, now she is an angel looking down on all of us.

    She cared very much about each and every one of you and prayed for all of you all of the time. She spoke to me about this “safe little place” and all of the people in it and I know how much she loved it here. I will continue to read and stay as close as I can as I feel that this is a place that is fond reminder of my Mom. I also know this is where her friends are; people that genuinely cared about her. Thank you for everything Lee. Mom said there are the best people here and I couldn’t agree more. So, even if I don’t always reply, know that I am reading along and praying with you. God bless each and every one of you and God bless you Mama…….I love you and will see you again one day <3

    1. She most definitely would want us to continue Lee! I pray that everyone here is doing well and staying healthy. As Thanksgiving draws near, I can’t help but feel great sadness, but also feel very thankful that there are such wonderful people here in this little community. In Jesus name I pray that everyone is surrounded by the people that they love this Thanksgiving. Be blessed in every moment. Amen

    2. She was very much a part of this little community and will be dearly missed.

      Amen, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    3. Speaking to your mom that one time was quite enjoyable. We all need fellowship and Christian love and I’m very grateful to have heard her voice.

    4. I know she truly enjoyed speaking with you. She told me she did and very much looked forward to speaking with you again. I’m sorry that didn’t happen. I am glad that you got to hear her voice. I still hear it all the time <3

    5. I never met Linda or saw a picture of her; but the other night I dreamed I was helping her into the Rutgers University Library. Can’t remember what we were looking for there.

    6. It’s amazing, just how people can touch your life. The sharing of faith and encouragement is exceptionally valuable.

  6. Wow! That is really something. I will send you pictures and then you will know if your vision was accurate.

    1. I never have personally, but I have heard from other people that have. You never know. There is a first for everything.

    2. Lyn, thanks for the photos. Your mother in my dream was somewhere between old and young: my psychic powers are nothing to write home about.

    3. You’re welcome Lee. I hope the pictures helped It’s okay if you’re psychic.powers aren’t the best. Youre great at so many other things, I’m sure no one will hold that against you 😉

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