The Invasion of America

As you read this, a “caravan” of thousands of Central Americans, estimated at four to seven thousand so far, treks through Mexico with the announced intention of swarming across our country’s southern border–illegally.

Who is funding this? ( In Newt Gingrich’s words, this “caravan” is “an organized effort to destroy the rule of law,” and assorted villains on the Left, with the tacit blessing of the Democrat Party, “are funding this deliberate attempt to invade America.”

This is a campaign to destabilize America. It’s being waged for a political purpose: to ruin Donald Trump’s presidency and somehow get Democrats back into power in next month’s elections.

Here’s how it works. Either the president stops the invasion, which would probably necessitate the use of force, and provide unhappy incidents which will allow Democrats to denounce his cruelty and “racism”; or else he doesn’t stop it, gutting his own promise to protect our borders and demoralizing his supporters in time for Democrats to make hay in the elections.

Could anything be more cynical? What are we to think of persons, and of a political party, so willing to use poor people in poor countries as pawns, not caring what happens to them, just for their own political gain? “Despicable” would be a big step up for them.

Whatever happens at the border, use your vote next month to punish those who did this. And that would be the Democrats.

3 comments on “The Invasion of America

  1. A special report from Judicial Watch by one of its reporters on the ground in Guatemala says there are now 14,000 migrant invaders on the warpath, and more are joining them.

    These migrants are on the warpath because they were organized, funded, and sent on this mission by factions of the NWO globalists – NGO’s, Soros, the commie Socialist Democratic party and many other organizations vying for a place in, and a piece of, their one world government agenda. They are hoping to create enough chaos to start a civil war, which would take the focus off them. They want to replace our President with one of their own in order to finish the job obama started, and the job hillary was supposed to finish. They believe this invasion may tip the scales in their favor, especially for the midterms. The timing of this is no coincidence.

    1. All we can do is vote to crush Democrats in this coming election. And pray the Lord to give our president courage, strength, and wisdom.

  2. When President Trump had a presser before he boarded the helicopter to the Houston Rally, he said there were bad guys among the caravan goers. One reporter challenged him about how he knew that, and he responded, “Take your camera down there in the middle of them and see for yourself.” But you know they won’t because according to the MSM and Dems, all these “migrants” have hearts of gold and are deserving of our care. It has been estimated that there are 175 million people in the Caribbean and Latin America that want to immigrate to the United States.

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