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I went to the Y this morning, and when I returned, Patty was in the kitchen on the phone and didn’t hear me come in. So I draped my coat over the computer chair and went upstairs. When she came out of the kitchen, she didn’t see me–but she saw my coat.

“This is funny,” she said, “but when I saw that empty coat, all I could think of was The Rapture! And I thought, ‘Just my luck! I got left behind.” That fancy fled away when I came down the stairs.

I guess that goes to show you something about the times we’re living in.


7 comments on “Rapture-Ready–Me?

  1. I am hearing, more and more, believers looking expectantly for every sign
    that indicates we are getting near.

  2. When it comes to the rapture, all I have to say is I believe it and the Resurrection on the last day are the same event. But by commenting I may win the comments contest! President Trump keeps telling me i am going to win and win until I get tired of winning. 🙂

    1. I apologize. That’s pretty funny, yet somber. Forgive me? PS: Your wife seems like a very interesting woman, clever from other things you’ve told us about her. Sorry to have misunderstood.

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