Build an Exciting Career as a Drag Queen!

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If you think I’m going to post a picture of this abomination, think again. Here’s a nice Red Salamander instead.

Some parents are a little miffed at the Rocky Top Middle School in Colorado, the Pot-head State, for featuring a “drag queen”–that is the polite term for a spiritually twisted man who dresses and makes up like a woman, and is hailed as one by spiritually twisted noozies and “educators”–as a speaker on Career Day (

Did I hear that right? I thought you said “Career Day.”

Yeah, that’s what it was. Career Day. Like, in case your 13-year-old son is pondering a career as a drag queen.

The school has apologized–not for having some perverted mess held up to the students as some kind of mondo bizarro role model, but for not notifying parents in advance. In the future, says the principal, parents will be “allowed the opportunity” to exempt their children from having to listen to an objectionable speaker. Allowed. How magnanimous.

How’s about we allow you to get out of town in one piece?

The weirdo, calling himself “Jessica L’Whor,” discussed such career-focused issues as “inclusiveness,” “bullying,” “negativity,” and “hate.” Notice in the linked article how careful the noozies are to use female pronouns to describe this man. Noozies always do that. That’s one of the things that makes them the bad guys.

All right, fill in the blank and win a prize: “I send my children to public school to be ‘educated’ by a drag queen because _________.” The winner gets a berth on the Titanic.

9 comments on “Build an Exciting Career as a Drag Queen!

  1. So unbelievable! What kind of idiots …oh well, we can only do what we can to keep our youngsters out of these cesspools called schools.

  2. Barnum & Bailey realized there was money to be made in exhibiting freaks (even if they were fake). Our MSM love the freakish. What does it matter if an infinitesimal number of people are “transgender,” we have to give them all the oxygen in the room to show we care. Those who have captured the MSM are the same ones who have captured the public (that’s government) schools.

  3. Sheesh! I’ve actually attended Adams County Schools and there were no such shenanigans in my day. 🙂

    We, as a civilization, are in deep yogurt, about now.

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