Some Rather Naughty Dogs

What makes dogs do this? After millenia of domestication and selective breeding, are they still wild animals at heart? I mean, gee, to walk into your living room and find it ankle-deep in feathers from your eviscerated cushions–that’s gotta be tribulation.

Some cats do this, too. Buster was a devil when it came to furniture. But Robbie and Peep haven’t harmed any of our furniture–too busy fighting with each other.

I hear goldfish are pretty good with furniture.

7 comments on “Some Rather Naughty Dogs

  1. Our cat pretty much tore all the door frames up with his scratching. Little
    rascals don’t seem to understand the importance of home furnishings.

    1. Didn’t he have a scratching post or scratching pad? Our cats love their cardboard scratching pads, especially when they’re brand new.

    2. I’ve never yet had a cat who liked scratching posts or scratching pads. Fortunately, they’ve all either waited for a run in the carpeted hallway to scratch (I’ve always lived in apartments with hardwood floors), or chosen one part of one piece of upholstered furniture to demolish instead of wrecking the whole apartment.

  2. He did, and he totally disdained to use it. Said he had no idea why we would expect him to use such a thing- after all, he had established his
    ownership on 4 door frames.

  3. When you stop to think about it, the fact that a dog or a cat is allowed the run of one’s home is a pretty amazing thing. Sometimes there are lapses.

    I’m fortunate that my little one is pretty well behaved, but I fear she may take to unrolling toilet paper.

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