We’re Back from the Doctor’s

Mostly what we did all afternoon was wait. Finally the doctor examined Patty, they took some blood for testing, scheduled further tests, and he wrote a prescription or two. The good news is there’s nothing so drastically wrong with her that it showed up in the first examination (thank you, Lord, for that). But she does have COPD, and she does need relief from its symptoms.

I have to thank Linda for pushing Patty over the edge to go to the doctor: urging her to do that was the last thing Linda ever said to her.

Anyway, it’ll be more tests next week, and at least we’ll be getting a handicapped parking sticker out of it.

Please continue to pray for us.

9 comments on “We’re Back from the Doctor’s

  1. Yes, it sounds like the typical visit to a medical person, but we have ONE
    who really cares for us, and He knows exactly what to do. Prayer is the answer, and I will continue to offer it up for Patty. Not that we do not sometimes need doctors, but ultimately, all healing is from God.

  2. A doctor who prays for his patients- yes that is pretty rare. I also have a
    believer as my doctor, who always leaves the room with “God bless you.”
    That in itself is a blessing.

  3. I’m going to recommend colloidal silver for the COPD symptoms. Put in a nebulizer and use 3-4 times a day for 10 min. each time. the silver edge.com is where I purchased my silver maker. My husband would be dead already if not for colloidal silver. You won’t turn blue.

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