Patty’s Blood Work

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Patty consulted with our doctor today about her blood work, and it’s so far, so good: nothing untoward in the blood. Tomorrow I have to take her to his other office for some tests: that’s where he has the equipment. Please pray there’s nothing wrong but the COPD, which we already know she has. And thank you for your prayers for this day’s hurdle: by God’s grace, she has cleared it.

I’ve been kind of worried about losing time for finishing my book, but today something extraordinary happened, when I went out to write this afternoon. It seemed to me that I could hear one of my characters, Lord Orth, saying, “Stop with the fretting, already. If the Lord our God wants you to finish this book, you’ll finish it. Trust him!” Well, I have a lot of respect for Lord Orth, and I’m inclined to listen to him. So now I feel much better about that. Just a few more warm, sunny days should be all I need.

Meanwhile, please pray those tests tomorrow lead to a successful treatment. I know that blessing is in His hands to give.

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  1. Prayers for Patty health!

    The Lord Orth comments made me think of Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” that I read a lifetime ago. In it he says to have a group of counselors in your mind of your own choosing (like Einstein, Aristotle, Abe Lincoln, etc.) and talk things over with them.

  2. Glad to hear that the blood work is ok. Prayerful regarding the rest. You’ll find a way to finish the book. You always have in the past.

    1. That sure seems to be how it goes. Today, I t’s a cold day in Hell, which is to say Southern AZ. 🙂

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