Liberals on Halloween: No Fun Allowed

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What’s the worst thing about living under liberals? It’s gotta be the sheer dull dreariness of it all, Political Correctness like a millstone tied around your neck, everything you say and everything you do is under constant scrutiny ’cause you might be a Racist and not even know it… Please.

Today is Halloween, and Far Left Crazies have been working tirelessly to take all the fun out of it. Their weapon against normal people on Oct. 31 is the charge of “cultural appropriation.” And what is cultural appropriation? Law professor Jonathan Turley explains:

“The reason behind such limitless forms of cultural appropriation is its limitless meaning” (

Bullseye! Because its meaning is so hopelessly broad–“unauthorized use” of, like, anything pertaining to some culture or nation other than your own (But what if you personally identify as being of that culture, even if you’re not? They haven’t thought this through)–that it can’t really have a meaning.

What if someone said, “Hey, cars and air  conditioning were invented by white people–you people of color can’t use ’em anymore”? If you are Mexican, does that mean you have to wear a sombrero and serape?

Like all the rest of liberalism, the whole thing’s too ridiculous for words.

Well, if you want to live your life grappling with inner conflicts like, “Gee, does my kid’s Halloween costume make me a racist?”, just let libs get back in power and they’ll do the rest. As a CNN noozie so candidly said, “Dear white people… your feelings don’t matter.”

Voter, you can turn yourself off, or turn them off. The choice is yours.

8 comments on “Liberals on Halloween: No Fun Allowed

  1. phooey and double phooey. I’m probably fortunate to be living in a small,
    village in Idaho where pretty much everybody ignores the baloney that is daily sliced up for all who will partake.

  2. Another boogeyman of Halloween is church people who say it is the devil’s holiday and Christians should not observe it. Halloween is the eve before All Saints Day!! Let’s celebrate it, but there’s no need to make it all about witches and goblins. But if we do, it is really a way to mock the devil because all that superstitious stuff used to work on Christians but not any more. Making fun of the devil is fun. In our Sunday sermon last week our pastor preached the victory we have in Christ over sin, the world, and the devil, and said if the devil is harassing you tell him to go to hell.

  3. Does anyone remember what a costume is in the first place — i.e., dressing up as something you aren’t, not as something you already are? The whole thing is nonsense, or at least it would be if it weren’t actually about power.

    1. A couple of years ago, a school district in Canada ordered the kids to costume themselves as “persons in the helping professions”–like freakin’ teachers!!! What the deuce is a teacher costume?

  4. As with so many customs, Halloween is not from one root source. It’s All Hallows’ Eve, but other customs are woven in, as well. Some customs involved with Halloween are from somewhat unsavory origins.

    As Lee pointed, out Trick or Treating while wearing a Donald Duck mask hardly seems like the stuff of Satanism, but I have seen some pretty gory things assortment with Halloween celebrations.

    When I was a kid, most of the kids in my neighborhood just looked at it as a time to buy a costume, dress up and get some free candy. At work today, I saw some interesting and imaginative costumes including a dinosaur suit that was for the record books. OTOH, one guy was dressed up to look as if he’d been the victim of an axe attack. Different strokes for different folks, but I’m not particularly fond of gore, in any form. I’ve long felt that there is so much real ugliness in the world that we don’t need to make any more.

    I don’t have any answers on this one, not even suggestions.

    1. After Patty’s doctor visit today, we rode around the neighborhood to watch the trick-or-treaters and enjoy the Halloween decorations. Best was an inflatable T. rex that looked real, for a moment there.

      Our whole culture is going bad, so naturally Halloween will go bad with the rest. They’ve even slimed baseball to the point I can’t watch it anymore.

      Just hang onto anything good, anything wholesome, for as long as we can.

    2. I saw a similar costume today, at work.

      One thing I forgot to comment upon was this notion of cultural appropriation. If someone adopts something from another culture is is very likely an act of admiration. Many of our clothing, foods, customs, etc. have roots in other times or places. That’s how civilization develops; we try new things, expand and adapt ideas to fit our circumstances. It strikes me as petty to object.

      One example, which comes readily to mind, is the girl with the prom dress which was similar to something common to the Chinese culture. While the Far Left was pitching a fit, people in China expressed their support for her choice and seemed pleased by it.

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