8 Years of Blogging

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I’ve just been informed that today is the eighth anniversary of this blog. Let’s eat a jack-o’-lantern, to celebrate.

We’re solid with the hymns and prayer requests, I report as much of the nooze as I can stand, and we’ve got critter videos–plus regular features like Mr. Nature, Joe Collidge, Memory Lane, and Oy, Rodney. Tryin’ to provide something for everyone, I guess.

Funny, it doesn’t seem like eight years. No way.

One of these days, maybe, I’ll be able to figure out if I’m doing it right or doing it wrong.

10 comments on “8 Years of Blogging

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve passed a milestone, although I thought you’ve been blogging longer than that. 8 years – what’s wrong with that? At least wanting to check out your archives is no longer a pressing matter – lol. “…if i’m doing it right…” Well, you’re sure not doing it wrong!! I look forward to being here for your 16th anniversary as well. PS: I’ll let you when my 8th anniversary of subscribing to your blog and articles arrives.

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