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As our glorious one-party Democrat Paradise labors to transform itself into an urban hellhole, life around here gets more and more trying.

This morning it was jackhammers at 7:30. Nice! And then some guy comes to the door to tell us we won’t be able to get out of the parking lot today, unless we get out now–I’m not even dressed yet–because the big repaving job they did this summer, that locked up our parking lot a whole week… well, they screwed that up so now they’re gonna do it over. Whatever. We pay to park there. Hah.

Why do we have to park there? Because our building has neither lot nor driveway. You can always park on the street, if you can beat the odds and find a space. We used to do that. The problem with parking on the street is, drunks smash their cars into yours. And when it snows, forget about it.

I’ve lived in this town all my life. You wouldn’t believe what a lovely town it used to be. Democrats are turning it into Mordor. Somehow they benefit by creating Tartarus wannabes like Detroit and Camden. They do it to every place they can get their filthy thieving hands on.

We have no Republican Party here. We have no defense.

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    1. If you voted (if you’re in America?), then that’s exactly what happened – lol.

  1. My condolences. Same here. We have no Republican party. My streets was paved 3 times in 2 years because of cheap alien labor and cheap materials. The rear of a block of restaurants borders our backyards and the sounds of motors from exhausts, freezer boxes, air conditioners, and in one case, the blaring of Spanish music from an open door straight into our homes. The Police refuse to help. And despite several hundred signatures on a petition, the city allowed these restaurants to continue their decibel assaults and even refused to order them to house their motors. Most curbs have been cut for new houses being built on lots where homes were completely torn down – even older “newer” ones (just to get the 10 year tax abatement). Our Founders warned us about having political parties. And democrats more than anything, fuel our regret.

  2. What amazes me is how often things like this happen. Why can’t they do it right the first time?

  3. In Mark Levin’s 2009 book “Liberty and Tyranny” he shares how since the founding of New York and Virginia only 10% of the land is developed. But in New Jersey 63% of the land has been developed – ouch!

    1. Well, NJ is a lot smaller than the other two. But I would say most of that–“development,” they like to call it: a better word would be “carnage”–has occurred in my own lifetime.

      My town and my state were unrecognizably different when I was 20.

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