‘How One of My Characters Grew: Old Uduqu’

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Two years after I wrote this post, Uduqu’s still here, still pursuing his dream to be the first Abnak to write a book (or read one, for that matter).


I can only speak for myself, but this is one of the most fun things about writing fiction: the way characters walk into the story for just a page or two, and the next thing you know, they stay! You should see what Redegger the vice boss gets up to in His Mercy Endureth Forever. And I knew no better than Lord Chutt what Zeriah was going to do after she was elected Judge of Obann.

I think the unexpected is a sign that you’ve made your characters real.

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  1. One of the odd, interesting and good things about creative endeavor is that the creations take on an identity of their own and while still existing only in the writer’s mind or in their printed output, these creative products seem to influence matters from then on. One thing I will say about your characters is that they all seem very credible, believable and real.

  2. You mean Lord Chutt is still in the 11th volume? I’m in #9 and Lord Chutt is a really bad guy. Does he get saved? Now I am more eager to find out where the adventure takes me more than ever? – but don’t tell me what happens 🙂

  3. Zeriah, Zeriah, i don’t think i’ve heard about her….
    I knew that ysbott was going to get fired sooner or later.

    1. She is introduced in No. 11, “The Temptation,” and has surprised me with her actions in No. 12, “His Mercy Endureth Forever.”

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