A Message to My Readers

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Sorry, just couldn’t write up any nooze today.

Tomorrow I have to take Patty back to the doctor’s for more tests, I don’t know how long that will take, and please pray that the test results are good.

I’ve prepared for a couple of posts to be published in our absence.

Well, I find myself looking forward to our first Christmas Carol Contest, and steeling myself not to open it until the day after Thanksgiving. We always post a lot of Christmas hymns around here, and I hope the contest makes it even more fun for all of us.

It now appears that when I finished writing my book on Thursday, I finished on the very last day I could have finished. It’s been brutal weather since then.

I hope to be back with you sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. This day is devoted to our Lord, and I will keep the prayers coming, waiting for good news soon.

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