All Glory to God

All Glory to God

We’re at the doctor’s, so I’ve brought in Jack Flacco, “Looking to God”, to pinch-hit.


3 comments on “All Glory to God

    1. Thanks, Tammy. I’m a bit down today, too much bad news. My sister is still working herself to death: I pray the Lord will straighten her out.

    2. My gosh! Despite all the storms you may be going through now, remember God is STILL in control. He has already taken your feet from out of the net. You are a WARRIOR in Christ. Father God in heaven, you are worthy and thou art exalted above the heavens! I ask that you touch my brother in the name of Jesus! Oh God restore to him strength, peace, comfort, joy and hope in the mighty name of Jesus!!! Have mercy upon him and his sister. Holy Spirit comfort them and purge all that is not of God from out of their minds, heart and soul. Oh God have your way and may he depend on you and stand on your word amidst the storm in Jesus name! Thank you merciful Father for doing it Amen!!!

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