I Had a Dream…

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The nooze I’ve heard so far today is too disgusting and disheartening to write about on Sunday. But let me tell you about the dream I had last night.

In this unpleasant vision, our civilization had been pretty much wrecked, everything looked like a Mad Max set, and somehow predatory dinosaurs were back, hunting the poor humans who dodged around the ruins. I wasn’t in the dream. It was done from the point of view of a young dinosaur, desperate and starving because he lacked the experience to catch enough people to keep him fed. He kept breaking into abandoned warehouses and ruined high schools, always just a step too late to capture any prey.

I can’t say I enjoyed it much.

And I don’t think anyone would need a crystal ball to interpret it.

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  1. That dinosaur was a victim, plain and simple. It needs Time Out in a Safe Space with lots of hot chocolate and Pla-Doh so it can sort out all the injustices it has experienced and make a Declarative Statement of its Intersectionality. It needs Government Assistance and we need to accept a Tax Increase to assist it. 🙂

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