‘Receive the Holy Spirit’ (Christian Blogger)

Acts 19 - The Disciples Who Had Not Heard of the Holy Spirit!

We have this today from the Unashamed of Jesus blog,

Acts 19- Receive The Holy Spirit

In Acts 19, the early church in Ephesus had not yet even heard of the Holy Spirit and had only the baptism of John. Paul supplied what they were missing.

Without me you can do nothing, Jesus said. We have big things, daunting things, to do in this world; and we can’t do them without the Lord.  “If we want to see the power of God in the Church,” concludes the blogger, “we need the Holy Spirit!” Amen.

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Visiting Proverbs 24 (Christian Blogger)

You know I always try to give room to fellow Christian bloggers, and here’s one I found today–Heartshare. And the post is, “Let’s Look at Proverbs 24 Today in a Month of Wisdom.”

Let’s Look At Proverbs 24 Today In A Month Of Wisdom

The book of Proverbs is wisdom compressed by King Solomon and the Holy Spirit into bite-sized pieces. I find Proverbs grows on you. You really and truly would be wise if you followed all this advice! And here and there, a sobering note: “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (14:12).

Thank you, Heartshare, for these brief excursions into Proverbs.

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Don’t Forget the Hymn Contest

Why Were Angels Singing to Me?

I’m sorry to report no hymn requests today so far, no entries into our ongoing hymn contest. Well, these things always slow up after the initial excitement.

A few of you wind up requesting the most hymns–by far the most. I was hoping more of you would join the party! That’s not to discourage readers who make a lot of hymn requests: it’s to encourage you who never make any.

And now we’ve got another thunderstorm looming, and if I want a cigar I’d better go out and have it now.

It’s perfectly okay to make hymn requests while I’m not here!

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Persecution and the Believer, Part 2 (Christian Blogger)

Many of us are convinced that persecution of Christians is already under way–and that you don’t have to go all the way to China to find it. Here in the United States, and Canada, we find ample evidence of persecution–and a fervent desire, on the part of certain people, to have much, much more of it.

How should Christians cope with persecution? What are the things we most need to remember?

Persecution and the Believer Part 2

Between the two parts of this article at the Domain for Truth (there is a link to Part 1), those questions are answered from the Bible.

The one thing we must not do, ever, is to give in to the persecutors and desert our King.

Weird Stuff Happening with This Blog

Pin on Oh my

Ever get the feeling everyone in town just snuck away and left you?

We’re closing in on another month featuring a loss of some 2,000 views compared to the same month last year. WordPress insists there’s nothing wrong. Honk if you believe that.

Some of you have found it practically impossible to get your comments published. I believe you, but I can’t explain it. Some of those comments that frustrated you actually wound up being published–don’t ask me how.

Although I have readers in every time zone on the planet, for some unknown reason, every night around 7 or 8 p.m. EST, viewer traffic here stops just about dead. Why should that be?

This kind of thing has happened to so many Christian and conservative bloggers, we just have to believe Big Tech is doing it on purpose. They’re afraid to ban us all outright, so they employ algorithms to cut back our viewership; they make our posts harder to find on search engines. They get away with this because it’s what our unlawful phony Democrat regime wants them to do.

Well… if we could somehow average 400 views a day for the last five days of June, we’d catch up to one of last year’s months. Last November and December, we were hitting that target every day. Now… never.

Christian bloggers, ahoy! We have to stick together. We have to support each other.

I think the way to do that is for each of us to display posts by other Christian bloggers on our own blogs. If you have a Christian blog and would like me to display one of your posts now and then, please just let me know! There will be no charge for this. It’ll cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time.

Let’s at least try to defeat the censors!

Notice: To All Christian Bloggers

The Real Story of Paul Revere's Ride - Biography

If Paul Revere were here, he’d be wondering why so many of us are still in bed.

Big Tech is trying to cut us off from our audience by shoving us all the way down to the bottom of the search engine rankings. They don’t dare ban us outright, it might blow up in their faces; but what they’ve been doing to silence us has been pretty effective so far.

We need to support each other! That’s why I make a point of displaying posts by other Christian bloggers on my page. We should all be doing that!

If you are a Christian blogger and would like to see one of your posts displayed here, please let me know! There must be hundreds of your blogs out there that I haven’t yet discovered.

I will charge nothing for this service, so the cost to you will be only a minute or two of your time to drop me a line–and however much time you devote to doing the same on your site.

We have to stick up for one another.

Christian Blogger: ‘Be Likeminded’ (Rom 15:5)


Some Christian blogs are harder than others to post here–but we should all do that for one another, inasmuch as we can.

So let’s see if I can give you “Kristi Ann’s Haven” today…


(I won’t be able to see whether it worked until after it’s posted.)

The thing I love about the Epistle to the Romans is the host of real people who come in at the end, when St. Paul salutes them. These are our fathers and mothers in the faith!

(Well, let’s see if it worked.)

Well, OK, it did! And if you scroll down a little on the original, you’ll see a picture of beautiful grapes on the vine. How that brings me back to my grandpa’s house! He had a nice grape arbor that bore abundant fruit every year.

Christian Blogger: How to Think About ‘Woke’


Our friend and colleague “SlimJim” has a thoughtful essay on questions Christians should ask about “Woke.” It’s a lot more thoughtful and careful than I would ever be, dealing with this exasperating topic. But then he’s a real minister and I’m not.

7 Questions Christians Should Think About and Ask Concerning Woke Claims

I’m inclined to write ’em off, “If you’re woke, you’re a joke.” But Jim goes much deeper than that and you should probably listen to him instead of me. “Woke” individuals may sometimes be pointing to real problems, real wrongs, that ought to be addressed.

I salute Jim for his patience.

I’m On MeWe Now

Dog Question Mark Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Okay! Thanks to Weavingword, with a little boost from SlimJim, I am now on MeWe and I’ve just made my first post there. I have no idea where this is going to take me. I’m trying to rally Christian bloggers to fight the censors by reblogging or linking to each other’s posts, and I hope MeWe can be part of that.

What I should be seeing is referrals from MeWe. At least, that’s what I think I should be seeing. But it’s very easy for me to go wrong when dealing with computer stuff.

Soon I should be able to put all my blog posts on my MeWe page.

A big part of taking our country back has to be to break the Big Tech oligarchs’ stranglehold on social media.

And get those incredibly wasteful and harmful “colleges” and “universities” defunded!

Christian Blogger: Verse of the Day

This comes from Kristi Ann’s Haven. It’s her “Verse of the Day,” Ephesians 4:32–followed by other verses.


Now, what if other Christian bloggers, reading this, decide to reblog it or link to it on their own respective pages? The post gets more views, and censorship is weakened–not to mention God’s word gets preached!

They can stifle us one at a time, but I don’t think they can stifle us all at once.

We should at least try.

Enjoy Kristi Ann’s post, and let’s support each other!