Hello? Hello?

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I’ve been working hard to type up the chapters of His Mercy Endureth Forever for Susan to edit. One legal pad down, three more to go. Huff-puff.

Looking back to last week, it seems I finished writing the book on the very last day I could have written it, before bad weather kicked in till next April. Providential!

Pausing from these labors, visiting the old blog, I find myself asking, “Where is everybody?” There were even spaces available in our town’s last parking lot today, and an empty waiting room at the doctor’s: what gives?

Well, I’ll wait till after supper (meat loaf tonight) and then post a cat video, hoping that will draw readership. (“That’ll fetch ’em!” he thought…)

6 comments on “Hello? Hello?

  1. Hello. Some of your posts say comments closed at the bottom, so if you are not hearing from me as much, that is the reason.

  2. I know you take care of it frequently, and then it happens again. My computer has been giving me frequent, irritating problems lately, as if I didn’t have enough problems just typing with my crooked fingers, now it is giving me all kinds of nonsensical problems.

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