Ministering to My Doctor

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I had my regular checkup today, everything’s cool; and as no one else was waiting to see him, Dr. Swan took the opportunity to pump me for more information about the Bible and Christianity. He took notes on my answers, so I had to pray I told him nothing but what was true, and acceptable to Our Lord.

It humbles me, whenever I’m called upon to minister to someone. After all, I’m not an official and bona fide Bible scholar, not ordained. To perform this service makes me acutely aware of my limitations. It makes me careful to stick to what I read in the Bible itself, and to what I’ve learned of history. Dr. Swan grew up in a village in Burma, and the Bible is unfamiliar territory for him. So I have to get it right.

Not your typical visit to the doctor’s office.

On Friday Patty will see him to discuss the results of her recent tests. He hasn’t read them yet but he told me not to worry, “Everything looks pretty good so far.” Please pray he’s right.

9 comments on “Ministering to My Doctor

  1. I’m still praying for Patty — and giving thanks that your exam went well.

    And it’s truly a blessing to be able to witness for the Lord. Yet another thing to be thankful for. I always pray for the Lord to work some good through me in spite of me — and to stop me from doing any harm.

    1. Yeah, inadvertently doing harm is something much on my mind during these conversations. I just have to read the Bible every day, as is my custom, and pray for the best.

  2. Still praying for Patty, and believing the report will be favorable.
    As for witnessing to the doc, you are doing the right thing. This is our commission from our Lord, and we dare not do as commanded. If he needs more information, once the seed is planted by you, the Holy Spirit will take it from there.

  3. Your conscientious attitude about bearing witness is one of the most laudable things I could imagine. I wish that everyone had such an attitude. I’m sure things will be fine for Patty.

  4. Wow praise God! I don’t want to talk too much in public but there’s people I try to minister where he’s from…and to think God has brought the nations to us!

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